Engineering Mindset

Engineers use a unique mode of thinking based on seeing everything as a system and being infinitely curious about understanding problems.  The focus is on identifying what components are working, what’s not working and applying this knowledge to define a solution.

Delivering Quality at Scale

Building and curating an engineering mindset in our people and processes is foundational to how Managed Service Desk delivers efficient, scalable, and high-quality user support.  

At Astreya, each Customer Support Engineer uses advanced techniques to ensure they deeply understand a user’s issue or request so they can define the best possible solution as quickly as possible (in that order).

Benefits of applying an Engineering Mindset

With traditional tiered help-desk support, every escalation introduces a delay in time-to-resolution and a loss of context around the specific user and their issue.

Our Customer Support Engineers use a systems approach to support, which results in fewer escalations to our client’s internal IT staff. 

This allows your IT teams to invest more time in the initiatives and strategic projects that move your business forward, without the distractions and interruptions associated with user support.