As millions of employees were forced to work from home, many companies discovered they lacked the audio/video resources to communicate with these individuals effectively. In response, employers began retrofitting their offices to create multifunctional AV spaces. 

While these newly upgraded workspaces served as a viable short-term solution, they do not offer optimal collaboration opportunities. Creating a true multifunctional AV space requires a partnership with an experienced firm specializing in these solutions. However, you must choose the right AV provider to design and develop your multifunctional spaces. When you need comprehensive audio/video services, find a partner that can address every aspect of collaboration so that you can provide your staff with a seamless experience.

What Is a Multifunctional Space?

As the name implies, a multifunctional space can be utilized for a variety of purposes. For instance, a multifunctional AV space can be a large conference room where your staff can use the room to host an entirely in-person meeting. You’ll also want to deploy collaboration technologies such as microphones and webcams to connect with remote workers via video conferencing software. A multifunctional AV space must include audio, video, and collaboration technologies.


In terms of audio resources, the room should have strategically placed speakers that produce high-quality sound. It should also be designed to provide optimal acoustics. This will minimize echoes or negative auditory feedback during video conferences.


The video components of the multifunctional space should include large displays and quality camera equipment. Interactive video displays will help to keep participants engaged for the entirety of a meeting or event. Professional-grade camera equipment will ensure that the audience can clearly see the speaker and any visual aids they incorporate into their presentation.

Collaborative Tech

Collaborative technology refers to any hardware or software that improves interactions between individuals utilizing the space. This includes well-placed lighting, wireless AV equipment, and touchless or remote-activated devices. 

A well-lit room with a sleek appearance will help the in-person or remote audience stay focused on the message presented. The use of remote-activated or touchless devices ensures that the presenter does not have to disrupt their presentation to change slides or adjust the lighting control manually.

Core Components of Managed AV Solutions

Creating a multifunctional AV space involves much more than just installing some high-quality sound and video equipment. It requires a cohesive approach that accounts for every aspect of the user experience.

Expertly managed AV service providers utilize a dynamic strategy to provide you with a custom collaboration experience. 

System Integration

While the system design phase of AV resource deployment is paramount to the success of your new space, system integration is equally important. If your software is not integrated correctly, it will negatively impact the productivity of your staff.

The best AV providers understand that no two organizations are alike. For your best outcome, you should see a blend of customization and out-of-the-box integration so that your perfect solution meets your needs.

Managed Services

The beauty of outsourcing your multifunctional AV needs is that you won’t have to oversee the maintenance of these new resources. Top AV managed services companies provide ongoing support for your technologies across the board to ensure that all tools run smoothly.

Remote Support

It is impossible to have a great multifunctional AV space without high-quality, reliable support services. By offering remote support, firms can ensure that any issues with your audio/video resources are resolved quickly. In fact, with anticipatory MSPs, most problems will be handled before they have a chance to have any impact on your business.

Event Support

At the end of the day, AV is about more than just technology. A dynamic, multifunctional AV space should bring people together by making collaboration easy and enjoyable. 

Unfortunately, large-scale events can place undue strain on your AV resources, thereby creating interruptions or outages that diminish the experience of all of the teams involved.

When selecting your AV solutions partner, make sure that they offer end-to-end event lifecycle management. Full support should be provided, including remote and on-site event support technicians.

Why Choose Astreya?

Whereas the average AV provider might focus solely on the technology itself, the experts at Astreya account for every aspect of the user experience. We provide our clients with unparalleled AV technology solutions and pair those innovations with world-class customer service. 

Between our global expertise, local 24/7 support, and highly-trained technicians, we deliver flawless AV outcomes that you can count on.

If you would like to learn more, contact Astreya today. In addition to AV services, we also offer cloud management, service desk, IT logistics, and automation solutions. Whatever technological resources your organization needs to fuel innovation, we can help.