Focus on the conversation, not the technology

In the modern workplace, collaboration, in large part, is centered around AV. Astreya’s experienced and innovative audio visual team will design your optimum AV solution to achieve a new reality of always-available, high-performance communications.

More than 50% of video conferencing users are wasting nearly 10 minutes per meeting on meeting setup, with 83% reporting that it takes more than 3 minutes to set up and start meetings.

Usher in a new reality of always-available, high-performance video solutions.

We offer a comprehensive selection of AV support options. While the outcome of seamless video communications and collaboration may be familiar to any relevant video conferencing agenda, the specifications and details are anything but. Our services options allow you to effectively align them with your unique needs.


Choosing the right AV solution is more than picking a technology, it’s about creating the right experience. The right solution can make complex pieces of information easier to understand. It lets viewers connect with products, rather than just imagine them. It can turn a simple call into a productive game-changing discussion. Astreya helps conceptualize your AV experience from end-users to customers. Based on your unique requirements, we develop a customized environment that meets your needs for today, as well as preparing you for tomorrow.


In today’s environment, the way we work and communicate is constantly changing. Our team is dedicated to keeping you ahead of the game and guiding you through the configuration process to help you realize your project vision. Astreya provides a blend of customization and out-of-the-box integration so you receive exactly what you need without the rigidness or unpredictability. Our configuration team includes highly trained technicians will ensure the smoothest experience.


Every professional has experienced that frustrating moment when technology fails them. With so much of the workforce going remote or working in more dynamic work environments, AV issues are common and becoming increasingly complicated. Availability and performance are a must, and real-world challenges demand real-time response. At Astreya, we don’t believe that employees should be left to solve tech problems. Our proactive maintenance model keeps your systems running 24x7x365 no matter where your teams are located.