Our world evolves around you.

No one innovates IT managed services like we do. Astreya’s ability and willingness to adapt our products to leading-edge environments has earned the enduring trust of some of the world’s biggest technology companies.

Our organizational focus on ‘staying uncomfortable’ manifests as a culture of curiosity, creativity and problem-solving.  If there is a way to improve service, technology or delivery frameworks, it’s in our people’s DNA to rapidly find it, develop it, or acquire it. Bringing our entrepreneurial spirit, customer service mindset, and proprietary IP to rapid-growth companies of all sizes, we commit to getting better every day so your business can lead the future, not chase it.

Software-Enabled Services

We build our own software.  Our goal in everything we do is to continuously improve service while decreasing costs.  Our software enables us to do just that, by removing routine tasks so our teams can focus on more transformative work. 

One size does not fit all

With our many years of experience supporting fast-growing technology companies, we have learned that no two companies are the same.  Successful companies have a unique culture and ways of getting things done.  Our technology platforms and service offerings are built to adapt to your environment, without a rigid approach, becoming a part of your team.

Global Reach

With teams located in 34 countries, we can support projects of all sizes.   Work is becoming more distributed and having local teams to execute is critical to success.  All of our teams are Astreya and have the expertise to deliver on your critical projects.