The answer to amplified enterprise productivity and employee satisfaction

As the recession fades and companies position for growth, a new 21st century marketplace is emerging. Characterized by rapidly-evolving technology and changing attitudes about how, when and where people work best, business leaders are quickly discovering that enterprise productivity will be the biggest driver of business outcomes moving forward.

Spurred by faster information availability speeds and the continuous cycle of available new devices, businesses are challenged to provide greater computing and communication options. They want to fuel productivity and provide “always-on” technology, with instant access to corporate tools, systems and data anytime, anywhere. And with greater global proliferation, businesses need reliable connections for engagement via video and collaboration suites.

While, evolving technology is meant to increase business productivity, it often has a negative impact, driving down performance through long down times, poor problem resolution and an inability to access devices needed when they are needed.

As rapidly evolving technology shapes business environments, one thing is becoming clear. Optimized productivity gains are currently locked behind outdated IT support models that fail to facilitate enterprise productivity.

The Birth of a New IT Support Model

The two fundamental models of IT services—IT staff augmentation and traditional IT outsourcing—are hampering today’s productivity-enhancing IT support needs. To unlock greater value from IT support services, organizations need to move beyond the reactive headcount focus of IT staffing and above the lack of control and transparency of IT outsourcing to a new model, where IT support becomes a driver to overall enterprise productivity. This evolved model combines the best characteristics of the two traditional models:

New IT support model benefits:

  • Superior onsite IT leadership and visibility advantages
  • Screening of potential hires and presenting the best candidates for client review
  • Onsite supplier expertise working in conjunction with in-house talent
  • Ability to leverage existing global investments in tools and processes
  • Qualified team leads and operations managers co-manage the function or process
  • Experienced IT professionals take charge of hiring, directing and compensating all employees
  • Supplier has full responsibility for meeting established results
  • Suppliers assume the responsibility for meeting performance metrics and business outcomes

A new optimized IT support model leaves behind a focus on cost-cutting metrics in favor of measuring productivity gains. Through the presence of onsite experience and expertise, suppliers elevate not only client visibility, but also provide the foundation for greater enterprise productivity.

Enterprise productivity now depends less on unifying a local work environment to company goals and objectives and more on an organizations’ ability to support always-on, instant access to technology, data resources and tools that support long-distance collaboration. By adopting a new model of IT support services that integrates the best of IT staff augmentation and IT outsourcing, organizations empower productive and satisfied employees with time saving technology and instantly accessible support that eliminates many of the headaches that now rob employees of productive hours. Set up of new devices is a breeze, connecting and staying connected to network and data resources becomes a snap and collaborating with distant colleagues is on auto pilot. In this type of environment, employee satisfaction soars, positively impacting engagement, and enterprise productivity.