Astreya expands its global presence with the inauguration of an Innovation and Delivery Hub in India, reinforcing its commitment to pioneering IT and AI solutions. The hub represents Astreya’s ethos of ‘Working Innovation’, aiming to address the diverse needs of its international clientele.
SAN FRANCISCO, January 03, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Astreya, a leader in global IT Managed Services, is excited to unveil a significant milestone with the launch of the Astreya Innovation and Delivery Hub in India, marking a new chapter in its journey of “Working Innovation.” This move is a reflection of Astreya’s steadfast commitment to harnessing the latest in empowering IT technologies, including AI, to meet the evolving demands of its global clientele.
The inauguration of the Astreya Innovation and Delivery Hub is not just an expansion; it’s a reaffirmation of Astreya’s role as a global leader in providing top-notch IT solutions. With a strong foothold in North America, Europe, and Asia, this new hub significantly extends Astreya’s reach, enhancing its ability to deliver innovative solutions across varied geographies and industries.
Andrea Bendzick, CEO and President of Astreya, expressed, “The establishment of the Astreya Innovation Hub is a monumental stride in our continuous commitment to innovation and global delivery. We are not only increasing our investment in innovation but also enriching the leadership, resources, and frameworks that enable us to deliver cutting-edge solutions on a global scale. India, with its rich pool of tech talent and innovation, is the ideal location for such a pivotal move.”
Astreya’s new facility is located in the Waverock building, part of the tech-powerhouse TSI Business Parks in Hyderabad. The Astreya Innovation Hub spans over 27,649 square feet and shares the building with other tech giants, including Apple, Accenture, TCS, and GAP, among others. Astreya plans to staff this facility with more than 240 engineers and developers over the next three years. Positioned as a nucleus for innovation, the Astreya Innovation and Delivery Hub will collaborate with local talent to develop groundbreaking technology solutions, ensuring Astreya remains ahead of industry trends and continues to uphold the high standards of IT services its clients anticipate.
Edward Betancourt, Astreya’s CTO, emphasized the strategic significance of the new hub, stating, The inauguration of our Innovation and Delivery Hub in India marks a pivotal moment in our journey of ‘Working Innovation.” This facility, dedicated to fostering innovation and equipped with a team of highly skilled engineers, will exponentially accelerate our initiatives in AI and automation, addressing the mounting challenges in IT demands.
By delving into Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Natural Language Processing, and Robotic Process Automation, we aim to tailor solutions to the diverse and evolving needs of our clients and ecosystems, ensuring that we continue to drive innovation at an unprecedented pace and provide our clients with cutting-edge solutions.
Balaji Krishna, EVP of Astreya’s Digital Engineering Practice, added, “Leading the initiative for the Astreya Innovation and Delivery Hub is a matter of great pride. The exceptional team we have brought together aligns perfectly with our high-performance standards. We are poised to leverage the region’s expertise to drive digital transformation and deliver innovative solutions that resonate with our philosophy of ‘Working Innovation‘.”

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