Measurable Efficiency

We understand the value associated with reducing cost over time as your business grows. With Astreya Managed Service Desk, we work with you to identify opportunities to increase efficiency while delivering a high-quality experience.

Cost Efficiency

Astreya understands the value associated with reducing cost over time for our customers as their business grows. We measure this efficiency using our Client’s Cost Per Supported User (CPSU) as applied to our Managed Services.

CPSU is the key performance indicator for any IT organization to track and measure efficiency over time.  This metric varies by company but includes all operating expenses associated with delivering user support. Astreya’s Managed Service Desk provides efficiency as measured by your organization’s unique CPSU.

Process Efficiency

Managed Service Desk uses the following principles to identify and drive incremental process improvements and efficiency over time;

  • Support workflow improvements are based on small changes
  • Customer Support Engineers (CSEs) ideas are valuable
  • Incremental improvements are typically inexpensive but yield big returns (given scale and time)
  • CSEs take ownership and are involved in improvement
  • Improvement requires open feedback
  • Improvement is measurable and repeatable

Astreya recruits, trains and curates an engineering mindset for all Customer Support Engineering teams working in Astreya’s Managed Service Desk.  In addition to ensuring requests/problems are deeply understood and resolved, our Customer Support Engineers are constantly looking for ways to engineer problems out of the environment and find ways to be more efficient in delivering support.

Process Mining

Astreya Managed Service Desk provides measurable efficiency for your CPSU based on economies of scale while being specifically focused on delivering high-quality IT support to your employees and contingent workers. With our proprietary analytics platform, we regularly perform process mining to identify opportunities to increase the efficiency of ongoing Service Desk workflows. Additionally, our analytics platform can perform anomaly detection to surface potential operational inefficiency in IT services.