Can you believe that Ted Williams had a batting average of .406? He is the last man to average more than .400 for a full season. Yet more amazing, his managers pleaded with him to not play in the last two games of the season. He was resting comfortably at .400. Well – he played! He excelled! He improved his batting average to .406. He did not quit. He was not afraid of failure. It has been said about him that he never considered not playing in the last two games. He did what he did. Even if he had struck out eight times in a row, I don’t believe he would have been phased. He did not play the game for the stats, he played the game to be his best. He played the game because he loved the game he was playing. He was determined to “thrive” not “survive”.

It is easy for any of us to not give everything we have to make the best of the hand we have been dealt. It is easy for any of us to seek the easy way out and be okay just to “survive.” We all ask for leadership but sometimes fail to accept the responsibility in very tough situations where others depend on us…. Well, Ted Williams decided to play his last two games. He played just like he always had played. He gave it everything he had. He played with passion, resilience, and tenacity, and when the better bet was to not play.

I thirst to do the same in my life. I want to begin and end the season strong and maximize the opportunity and return for all the stakeholders. Ted Williams set a great example for all leaders to follow. Question for all of us: are we following this example or are we making excuses about why not to finish the season? Let’s play this game with all of our heart and capability – together!