Elevate your IT Support Experience

Scale user support and deliver high-quality user experience with Astreya. Astreya’s Managed Service Desk handles the majority of your user-facing experience, delivering an exceptional user experience while providing measurable efficiencies over time. Astreya Service Desk will free up your IT staff’s time so they can focus their attention on the initiatives and projects that move your business forward.

A Gartner survey of company leaders found that 80% plan to allow employees to work remotely at least part time, and 47% will allow employees to work from home full time.  In a recent PwC survey of 669 CEOs, 78% agree that remote collaboration is here to stay for the long term.

Improve the Support Experience while reducing Cost Per Supported User

Astreya’s Managed Service Desk is an extension of your IT organization designed to ensure your employees and workers receive the highest quality support. Astreya delivers measurable efficiency quarter over quarter with the service being optimized for supporting workers wherever they are on the planet.

Achieve Measurable Efficiency while Scaling Support

With traditional tiered help-desk support, every escalation introduces a delay in time-to-resolution and a loss of context around the specific user and their issue.

Astreya’s Managed Service Desk integrates an engineering mindset into our help-desk processes that reduces the inefficiencies of tiered support. All of our technicians have been selected and trained to deliver help-desk services with an engineering mindset, and that mindset has been built into and our structured support processes, such as Fault Domain Isolation and Root Cause Analysis. 

As a result, Astreya delivers a service-desk experience with more efficient resolution and better customer experience. That allows your IT teams to invest more time in the initiatives and strategic projects that move your business forward, without the distractions and interruptions associated with user support.

Go Beyond CSAT Surveys to Deeply Understand the User Support Experience

SLAs only tell part of the story.  IT Managers often face the problem of Managed Service Providers meeting stringent SLAs but still hear anecdotal feedback from their management and workers that support is not meeting their support needs.

Astreya Managed Service Desk goes beyond basic CSAT metrics using ticket-based sentiment analysis combined with integrated quality controls.

Cost Per Supported User

Cost Per Supported User (CPSU) is a strategic key performance indicator (KPI) for IT organizations to measure, track, and forecast cost efficiencies.  Astreya uses Cost Per Supported User metric to measure and manage efficiency over time.  This ensures our customers have transparent quantitative data to track cost efficiencies as they scale support using Managed Service Desk.

Advanced Automation and Analytics

Astreya’s proprietary workflow automation and analytics platforms allow continuous process mining, anomaly detection, sentiment analysis, and resolve traditional Tier 1 requests with the optimal time to resolve.  Our automation and analytics platforms are designed to give you a deep understanding of the quality and performance of ongoing user facing support delivered by Astreya’s Managed Service Desk.