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Astreya AV Services provides top-tier audio-video solutions, designed to be always accessible and offer maximum performance.

At Astreya, we go beyond just providing AV services for projects—we seek to create lasting partnerships with our customers. This means crafting solutions that view the entire lifecycle of an audio-visual system from design, implementation, and deployment all the way through maintenance and support.

AV technology and services are now essential in the modern world.

The future of work is now, and smart leaders know that investing in their people with flexible home office solutions, intuitive meeting room designs, global frameworks, and high-quality managed services is essential to success. By tying together technology platforms backed by expert guidance and support from Astreya AV Services, we’ll help you empower your workforce for maximum effectiveness and innovation.

Astreya is part of the PSNI Alliance – bringing together local AV teams around the globe to unite for a common purpose: your success.

As an invited member of The CSNI Alliance, we are able to streamline the process of any global AV design and integration initiative. With access to hundreds of Certified Solution Providers around the globe. As a result, we partner with locally based experts who understand your needs – using their in-depth knowledge to procure local resources while we work as a team to expertly manage all logistical details for system deployment that keeps your AV infrastructure running seamlessly.

AV Services Portfolio

AV Managed Services

Incident management & break-fix

  • Incident Response
  • Basic fix or spare parts swap
  • Warranty management Proactive Maintenance
  • Firmware, software, and configuration upgrades of AV equipment
  • Onsite Inventory/Asset Management

Event Support (Virtual & Onsite)

  • End User and Event planner training
  • White glove meeting rooms support the kick-off
  • White glove event support activities (setup/kick-off & duration support)

Av Integration Services

System Design

  • Consultation
  • Modern ideas for the new workplace
  • Scalable system designs
  • Project Engineering
  • CAD

System Integration

  • In-house engineering teams
  • Project planning and management
  • Programming
  • Test & commissioning
  • Communication & open reporting
  • Global Standards adherence

Global Hardware Supply

Hardware Supply

  • International supplier partners
  • Regional hardware pricing

Vendor Management

  • International installation partners
  • Strengthened ability to service contracts

Global Deployments

  • Multiple-country presence reduces shipping costs and problems with customs

Audio-Visual technology paves the way for collaboration and innovation in today’s workplace. No walls or distances should impede productivity.”

Join Astreya’s Christian Bardasu as he shares the key dynamics that are revealing a new world of audio-visual innovation.

How Astreya’s Global AV Services add real value

Outcome Based Services

  • Where possible, we want to offer outcome based services vs typical sta augmentation
  • This ensures that resources are used efficiently and the customer only pays for what they need

Global Consistency

  • Customers prefer to deal with one service provider globally
  • We have the ability to o er consistent services through our global presence

Cost Effective Solutions

  • Where possible, we want to offer outcome based services vs typical sta augmentation
  • This ensures that resources are used efficiently and the customer only pays for what they need

Improved Room Uptime

  • AV rooms are in high demand
  • Customers are expecting any problems to be resolved immediately so that end users are more efficient

Data & Automation

  • We leverage Problem Management and Data Analytics to provide customers with insights into their AV fleet

Remote Support Capabilities

  • The hybrid workforce requires not just onsite but also remote support capabilities
  • Event support is a key focus area since companies are looking for innovative ways to deliver hybrid events
Astreya Inc.

We feel lucky to be able to collaborate with Astreya’s fantastic AV team members! Our team is happy and we are thrilled.”

Drina Bracic
IT Logistics Manager

It’s a small world: Remote monitoring and maintenance for global AV systems.

Let’s discover how we can achieve your modern AV potential.

We’re proud that our AV support innovation gets recognized

Astreya AV Capabilities at-a-glance

Unique Value

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Just the factoids

Our global services deliver consistency and quality at scale.

Our globally-focused AV services bring their own specialized touch to every project. Supported by our technical knowledge and creative flair, we deliver an unforgettable AV customer experience – as evidenced by these numbers! Our mission is always to be in the right place at the right time with exactly what’s needed.

Our Partner Ecosystem

Technology Partners

Astreya empowers customers with unprecedented access to global hardware resources, allowing swift procurement and delivery of equipment – regardless of location.

Technically Speaking

AV Manufacturer Partners

Through strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers, Astreya offers industry-leading support services at competitive prices.

Case Study

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Data Sheet

Astreya Global Services Overview

Executive Brief

Working Innovation:
The Methodology of Momentum.