Cloud has become the catalyst for innovation

At Astreya, we are cloud-first and cloud-focused, here to help you transform your organization to be cloud-ready and pursue innovation-driven growth with our end-to-end managed cloud solution.

Only 14 percent of companies launching digital transformations have seen sustained and material performance improvements because outdated technology environments are not up for the task.

– McKinsey & Company

Understanding and optimizing cloud spend

Cloud spend is always a complex topic that most people avoid until it’s too late. We can help you get ahead of the dreaded reactive pattern of realizing your bill is higher than anticipated and scrambling to fix it. We have a team of cloud experts that can work with you to understand your infrastructure and optimize where possible to keep your spending reasonable and understood.

Engineering Velocity Driven Compliance

With a focus on maintaining engineering velocity, and achieving compliance without impacting existing processes, Astreya will jumpstart your security and compliance objectives, achieve certification, and maintain engineering feedback loops. We offer a unique approach to achieving your security and compliance goals with a focus on ensuring your business doesn’t slow down and is able to continue building and shipping your product.

Managing Infrastructure

Unless your core business is re-selling infrastructure, chances are you probably don’t want to be investing time and effort into writing code for your infrastructure. We can help automate, build, and manage your infrastructure with our team of cloud experts. Everything as code and everything automated so you can focus on your business goals.

Optimize performance

Harnessing the cloud’s full potential provides companies the ability to pursue innovation-driven growth and optimize costs for business operations. Astreya helps you navigate how to build and design your business infrastructure with cloud-native tools in a secure, scalable, and highly automated way. Astreya focuses on the day-to-day, while you focus on what is core to your business. With the growing complexity of things like complex container orchestration platforms, we can help you build and manage your Kubernetes deployments in a way that makes sense.