The attributes of a leader is a foundation for what makes an “A” player, and how we can shape our leaders to become stronger, better, and more successful! One of the attributes in this model is problem solving. I personally like problem solvers, as do most leaders I have met over the years. Problem solvers are easy to spot. They are productive. They will sometimes be disruptive if not managed appropriately, but rest assured, we have all met problem solvers and we know exactly who is this type of person. Whether they are organizing a garage, driving a product sale, or running a product line, they stand out.

Are you a problem solver?

Many folks I meet are not problem solvers but they are problem talkers. They think they are problem solvers, but they simply are not. These folks will talk a problem to death but never do anything about solving the problem. They will hand-wring, talk at the water cooler, discuss the problems in their social network, but not step up and solve the problem at the company.

Leaders work in a collaborative manner to solve problems for stakeholders. They will grab the bull by the horns and mix it up until there is a good answer to the problem set. This is not the only thing great leaders in an organization need to do. Not by a long shot… That stated, this is a very important leadership attribute that successful people share across all walks of life.

So today, in our place of business, we need to be problem solvers, not just problem talkers. We should seize the moment and the opportunity to be a leader! Go get it!

Edwin Miller
President & CEO

Edwin is a technology industry executive, board member, and an executive consultant. He has successfully grown and transformed both public and privately held companies organically and through acquisition across both domestic and international markets. Edwin has extensive experience in forming strong leadership teams, forming a diverse and motivated culture, and transforming both software and IT services businesses.