While every phase of client relationship management is a vital aspect of your business model, closing is by far the most enjoyable component. When you or a member of your sales team closes a deal, you get to reap the benefits of all that hard work. The more efficiently you can navigate the entire sales funnel, and close deals, the more successful your organization will be overall.

However, if you want to accelerate the sales process, you must deploy the appropriate technological resources. Specifically, your company must leverage top-quality AV solutions if you hope to foster positive client relationships and improve conversion rates. There’s more to AV service than connecting the cords and uploading appropriate software. Your AV partner should keep your client relationship management in mind while also showing you how AV and AV as a Service (AVaaS) can help you ABC (Always Be Closing). 

Potential Consequences of Bad AV

If your company relies on lackluster AV solutions, it can have some significant impacts on the organization. Two of the most common consequences of bad AV include:

Damaged Reputation

Regardless of what industry you operate within, reputation is everything. Your clients want to work with trustworthy, professional companies that have their act together. If they are concerned about the legitimacy or quality of your company, then they may look elsewhere for the services they need.

Bad AV such as unreliable streaming during meetings and poor image or sound quality can seriously damage your brand’s reputation. Once this damage has been done, it can cost thousands of dollars and months of your time to reverse it.

Diminished Consumer Experience

Even if your clients are not scared off by subpar AV solutions, it can still negatively impact their overall purchasing experience. This impact may weaken any sense of loyalty that they have towards your organization. 

In addition, bad AV can decrease the chances that you will earn repeat business from a client. If you want to provide your valued customers with the best experience possible, investing in quality AV services is necessary.

How AV Services Improve Client Relations

High-quality AV services will drastically improve your ability to create and maintain positive client relationships. Anytime you need to communicate with a client remotely, you will have the tools in place to do so. This need may include calling them using VoIP technologies or hosting a video meeting from your home office.

By eliminating potential AV-related barriers to communication, you can also expedite the sales process. You and the client will be able to exchange the information required to complete your business dealings efficiently. As a bonus, quality AV services will help you convey your organization’s professionalism to prospective clients. This communication will instill confidence in both new and existing customers, allowing you to forge lasting relationships. Ultimately, these relationships will help your company become more profitable.

Additional Benefits of AV Solutions

While quality AV solutions can certainly improve the sales process, they also offer several other significant benefits. A few of these benefits include:

Enhanced Collaboration

Over the last two years, remote collaboration has become the norm. However, many organizations do not have the resources in place to facilitate effective remote communication.

By upgrading to the latest AV technologies, your organization can give your employees the tools they need to collaborate with ease. They can efficiently host a video call, attend a virtual meeting, or reach out to a coworker for help when they encounter a problem.

Better Productivity

The enhanced collaboration will lead to more productive employees. Each staff member will easily communicate with one another and access the information they need to produce results.

Top-quality AV equipment will also make it easier to hold team or departmental meetings. Department heads can quickly provide updates to team members and then conclude the discussion so that everyone can get back to their individual tasks. 

Conversely, solutions prone to disruptions or frequent outages can drastically cut your team’s productivity.

What Is AVaaS?

When implementing AV solutions using the traditional approach, businesses purchase their own audio and video hardware. They will then have their in-house IT team install the technology or pay a third-party company to handle the install.  You have likely used this approach yourself. If so, then you know firsthand just how tedious the entire process can be. Inevitably, the company will encounter an AV issue and will have to hire a contractor to resolve the concern. Unfortunately, this confusing process can lead to frequent system outages, resulting in revenue loss for your company.

AVaaS or “AV as a Service” is a specific type of managed service that pertains to audio and video resources. When you partner with a managed services provider that offers AV solutions, they handle everything. The provider will collaborate with your team to design a custom system that can handle the needs of your business. Once they have completed the design phase, expert installers will integrate the system into your existing systems.  The team will then provide ongoing support, address reliability and outage concerns, and ensure your AV technologies run at optimal levels.

In addition, providers like Astreya offer Event Lifecycle Management support. Our global team of experienced remote and onsite event support technicians can manage your entire “event lifecycle.” This service ensures that you get the most out of your AV resources.

Cutting-Edge AV Technology from Astreya

If you are ready to transform AV into a strength, Astreya can help. While our primary focus is on AV technology, we believe it is equally important to innovate user experiences. With our commitment to address every aspect of AV, our experts can make the customer experience as innovative as the technology itself.

When you partner with Astreya, we will dedicate one centralized team as your point of contact. This structure provides better outcomes for you. Contact us today to learn more about how our innovative AV solutions can help you Always Be Closing.