”A leopard cannot change its spots” is a favorite saying of mine and a saying that most everyone has heard. While a leopard can’t change its spots – I believe it can change its habits. When this is stated, a person is usually placing someone into a box while intimating that person will always do the same thing over and over again. Further, this statement usually carries a negative connotation, but we all have our spots.

While I believe this statement is true, I also know people can change. People, when motivated, will change their habits, just as a leopard can evolve and change with the environment in a microevolutionary manner. We cannot change our genetics or the strengths we were born with, but given personal desire, mentoring, leadership, and environment – anyone can change habits. Much like a leopard, we are all born with certain looks and traits – yes spots. But, if the climate changes, the market in which we compete changes, or the food source changes or there is a desire in our line of sight – it is at that moment we work to change our habits.

Amid a tough situation or opportunity, we will all change our day-to-day routine and how we view life. Each day, we need to know our habits, and we need to be working toward improving our these. We should organize our positive and negative habits and review them, and work to improve the ones that are at the top of the list. The next question for all of us becomes “do we truly desire to change, improve and become a better person?” Or will we finger point, deny and avoid? The best leaders desire to grow, evolve, encourage, and reach!

Go get it!

Edwin Miller
President & CEO

Edwin is a technology industry executive, board member, and an executive consultant. He has successfully grown and transformed both public and privately held companies organically and through acquisition across both domestic and international markets. Edwin has extensive experience in forming strong leadership teams, forming a diverse and motivated culture, and transforming both software and IT services businesses.