As we move into 2024, the cybersecurity industry stands on the brink of new challenges and opportunities. Experts from My1Login, i-confidential, and OSP Cyber Academy provide a glimpse into the future, predicting that the year will be marked by significant advancements in AI, increased cloud security risks, and a pivotal role for human elements in cyber defense.

Cloud Migration Expands Attack Surfaces

Mike Newman, CEO of My1Login, emphasizes the continued trend of cloud migration, noting its efficiency benefits but also the expanded attack surface it introduces. The reliance on platforms like Microsoft Entra ID for cloud-based corporate directories creates vulnerabilities, particularly where manual, password-based authentication extends the attack surface for cybercriminals. Newman foresees that Generative AI will supercharge malicious activities, exploiting these gaps through sophisticated phishing and ransomware attacks.

The Human Element in Cyber Defense

The narrative from i-confidential shifts focus to the human aspect of cybersecurity. The firm advocates for continuous investment in awareness programs and phishing simulations to combat ransomware and phishing threats. The essence of foundational security, especially against the backdrop of Generative AI, is highlighted as a critical area for maintaining robust defense mechanisms. The gap in skilled cybersecurity personnel is underscored as a pressing issue, necessitating innovative approaches to cultivate talent and strengthen organizational defenses.

AI as a Double-Edged Sword

Thomas McCarthy from OSP Cyber Academy warns of the weaponization of AI in cyber warfare, predicting a cyber arms race in an unregulated environment. The potential of AI to be used in mass-cyberattacks, exploiting vulnerabilities across IT systems and human factors, is a significant concern. However, McCarthy also notes the opportunity for defenders to leverage AI in detecting and blocking AI-generated threats, signifying a dual role for AI in the cybersecurity landscape.


The predictions for 2024’s cybersecurity landscape converge on a few critical themes: the expanding risk domain due to cloud migration, the indispensable role of human vigilance and skill in cyber defense, and the double-edged nature of AI in cybersecurity. These insights underline the importance of advanced, proactive strategies to navigate the evolving threat environment.

Actions to Advance Cybersecurity Initiatives:

To secure your organization’s future in the rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape, proactive steps are essential. Enhance your cyber defenses by assessing current security measures, investing in advanced AI solutions, and cultivating a skilled cybersecurity team. Prioritize these initiatives to stay ahead of the sophisticated threats anticipated in 2024. Visit to schedule a consultation with Astreya’s cybersecurity experts. Gain the insights and expert guidance you need to fortify your defenses and ensure your organization remains resilient against the evolving cyber threats.