Tech Bar

One Stop Shop for Everything IT to Keep Your User Satisified and Productive.

End-user satisfaction is critical for end-user

In today’s environment there is a cost when user productivity is lost and it’s critical to drive focus to the end-user and workforce by providing excellent customer service within an interactive and inviting space.

What should you do?

This means that companies need to move from focusing on ticket closures to focusing on the end-user to keep customers engaged in the solution with hands-on in-person resolutions that don’t lead to frustration and loss in productivity.

Productivity loss is
expensive for

Hours in lost productivity

Per employee
due to IT support


Company cost

Effective tech bar service flow


Astreya’s Tech Bar can help you maximize user satisfaction.

We deliver real-time, in person, on-site support to ensure your IT department can focus on more critical tasks while your users are more satisfied and productive.

Our solution includes:

Flexible and innovative
approach to tech bar location

Management of internal and
external applications and tools

Equipment repair

Mobile device management

Management of self-serve
peripherals including vending
machines and lockers

Setup of video conferencing
kiosks for remote offices

Expert training to educate

Astreya ticketing system or
your system based

Tech bar options


Semi-attached designed to
compliment any existing


Extended environment
with extended user area.

Pop up

Minimal space impact with
the ability to relocate as required.