AV Services

Change Your Audio Video Services from Reactive to Proactive.

In today’s environment there is an increase in global collaboration resulting in more and more conference calls and video meetings. Unfortunately, as communication continues to evolve audio video (AV) issues can result in over $5.3 million wasted in idle meeting time every year because employees don’t know how to troubleshoot hardware or software issues.

Of meeting attendees join audio, video or web sessions from a meeting room.
What should you do?

Adopt an AV service strategy that focuses on user education, proactive maintenance, system monitoring, and alerting to decrease idle meeting time so your employees have the best user experience possible and can focus on what’s important.

AV issues impact most meeting attendees

Of users experience audio issues.
Of users experience confusion connecting to a display.
Of users experience general connectivity issues.

Astreya’s Audio Video Services keep the service invisible for a seamless user experience.

Our support provides the right skillset to maximize the high availability and performance of your video conference technology and equipment.

Our solution includes:

Create and maintain user
operational documentation

Scheduled inspections for
preventative maintenance

Single point of contact for all
service work streams

Remote diagnostic and
onsite troubleshooting

Maintenance of asset and
accessory levels

Predictive analysis based on
SW and HW trends

Monitoring AV uptime to
deliver a successful user

Track and forecast user
volume and growth

Executive level technical white
glove support for events