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Why Astreya?

We’re how modern organizations accelerate their competitive momentum.

There’s a reason Astreya has attained the stature of the global Go-To Managed IT Services resource with the seven largest internet companies in Silicon Valley. It’s because Astreya offers a unique combination of our hyperautomation technologies and cutting-edge AI partners, blended with classic high-touch IT services and frameworks. You’ve proven you can grow fast, let Astreya help you thrive faster.

Our capabilities are architected around the belief that you shouldn’t have to settle for less.

Whether your journey requires a holistic solution to address all your IT and end-user mandates, or you need to address specific technology or operational pain points, we stand ready to answer your challenge.

To truly add value and ensure end-user satisfaction in today’s modern IT environments, we understand it requires an unwavering focus, proven methodologies, technology-based process expertise. Astreya has the capabilities to make it all one simple and powerful reality. This is precisely why fast-growing companies turn to Astreya and the broad spectrum of solutions, services, and software that we provide. With Astreya’s growing portfolio of IT Managed Services solutions, you can achieve your digital transformation with a single provider with the experience of successfully supporting the world’s most innovative companies in the most demanding environments.

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Astreya Leadership on Astreya’s capabilities 

OK, so so it’s not a secret that most fast-growing companies have a lot of challenges today, challenges around technology, location, people, cost, infrastructure. It’s just it’s a litany of challenges that have to be solved. 

A lot of our customers are rapidly growing companies, and what we’ve seen is that with rapid growth comes where do you where do you focus? Do you focus on going after your market and really driving what innovations you can provide your customers? But what about all the other sort of infrastructure challenges that come along with that? 

What we’ve seen is rapidly growing companies tend to spend a lot of their time just solving problems. They don’t have a chance to step back and look out where those problems are coming from, or do we have the right solution or tools in place to be able to alleviate these problems from happening in the first place? How do you bring a very fast-moving train down a track and build those tracks without slowing down, kind of on the edge of chaos, without really having it go completely out of control? 

I think we have it in our DNA, in Astreya’s DNA, to not only address specifically technologies and technology solutions that will require something different, but really our secret sauce is our people, our employees. 

The DNA from the from the beginning, it was always a can-do attitude. We’ve grown up with some of the biggest technology providers in the world, and that’s kind of played out over a couple of decades at this point. And we’ve learned a lot through that process, and those learnings, we’re now applying to the next set of hypergrowth companies. 

We’ve also seen how adopting the right technology at the right time can have a major impact on how it is perceived around across the organization. And what we’ve learned over time is how to partner with you to really make I.T. A partner to the business, an integral part of finding solutions and ways to be more productive. So I think this is actually where we are the most excited; we are so excited to continue to be able to partner with our customers today to not only deliver the best workplace I.T. services that we’ve delivered for a long time but blend that in with technology, innovation, our talent, and drive continuous innovation for new levels of efficiency. 

Our service portfolio has evolved into something that really kind of runs a wide spectrum. So we offer end-user services so you can think about end-user services as ensuring that all of your employees and contractors are fully productive day after day. On the other end of the spectrum, we offer infrastructure services. So think network, think data center, cloud. 

So I think Astreya is in a really unique position to be able to not only solve for some of these end-user challenges that rapidly growing companies have but also solve for that infrastructure growth dimension as well. We like to rise to the challenge, but with the tools that we have in our toolbox, with the people that we’ve brought to the organization, as well as the relationships that we have with our partners, are going to allow us to do that better than we’ve ever done. 

So when we see the next great thing come along, we’re very excited to partner with you. Find ways that we can help you leverage our vast experience from working with other companies that were in a similar situation as you in the past and together come up with a solution that really drives your I.T. organization forward. 

From limiting factor to success factor, welcome to the world of Astreya IT Managed Services.

Take a look at just some of the capabilities you can leverage as a turnkey solution or an ideal complement and immediate extension of your valuable team.

Global Talent

Global Talent

Whether your journey requires a holistic solution to address all your IT and end-user mandates, or you need to address specific technology or operational pain points, we stand ready to answer your challenge.

Our value is as much about the experience as it is about expediency, and as much about a personal touch as it is about a global reach. Astreya is focused on building a deep global resource of exceptional technologists — systems administrators, network engineers, and system and network architects. Our search for exceptional talent across the globe is constant. What this means to you is the high likelihood that we have a highly qualified candidate waiting in the wings for just about any location.

Here are some of the methods and services we provide to ensure success for all our global assignments:

  • Experienced local operator with strong local networks
  • A complete solution for global contingent IT workforce
  • Global IT Help desk
  • System Administration
  • Network Engineering
  • Technical Project Management
  • Provisioning Services

Centralized Service Desk

Centralized Service Desk

With Astreya, service desk consolidation means less orchestration and a more IT support performance for your end-users.

Have no doubt, evolving disparate service desk approaches to a more efficient and effective centralized model is a journey: one Astreya will be with you every step of the way.

Our Centralized Service Desk frameworks deliver on:

  • Deliver a measurably better and consistent better user experience across all support channels
  • Leverage shared knowledge across all of your support levels
  • Establish and maintain global service-level agreements
  • Attain heightened visibility into incidents, problems, and changes across your global infrastructure universe
  • Provide more transparency, clarity and intelligence from a data and reporting perspective
  • Reduce service desk licensing costs by consolidating to a single platform

Subject Matter Experts

Subject Matter Experts

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Astreya’s Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are a rare breed. They’ve built their careers based on peer-earned trust, deep technical expertise, real-world leadership, and the ability to inspire a team with technical insight and direction.

Our SMEs can support you in the following areas:

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Smart Lockers

Smart Lockers

Streamline logistics and increase end-user satisfaction by equipping them where and when they need it.

Astreya’s smart lockers provide secure, fully integrated systems to simplify device delivery, drop off and retrieval, and much more. Designed for easy and secure access, our brandable electronic locker systems enhance, complement, and expand upon your IT processes to provide a scalable solution to keep end users up and running.

Here are just some of the features of our Smart Locker solutions:

  • Countless cabinet configurations
  • Optional webcam/security camera
  • Integrated infrared scanner
  • ADA compliant pin pad
  • Optional ADA compliant headphone jack
  • Fully brandable cabinet

Program Management

Program Management

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An IT Program Manager from Astreya is the complete package. Rest assured they have the experience and mindfulness to show strong leadership to both the project team and extended stakeholders. They have high emotional intelligence (EQ) and are effective communicators. They bring an extensive toolbox gained through their experience with a wide variety of projects.

Here are just a few of the Program Management solutions and capabilities you can leverage:

  • Project planning deployment, and operation
  • Project review & recovery
  • Project portfolio management
  • Various project management methodologies
  • Service onboarding, transition, and delivery



Accelerate your ability to produce actionable insight and establish best practices with Astreya’s Managed BI and Analytics services.

Astreya’s Managed BI and Analytics Services help you identify your ideal BI technology stack and then support that with modernization services to move your organization to the next level of analytics capabilities and cost-saving opportunities. Astreya’s Managed BI predefined solution packages and flexible configurations include maintenance, support, and development for your existing BI environment, coupled with services to ensure your environment is future-proof.

Amet justo donec enim diam vulputate:

  • Evolve your current BI solutions to a sustainable, operationalized and future-aligned environment
  • Free up critical business intelligence resources to refocus on truly strategic projects
  • Modernize your strategic BI and analytics landscape
  • Optimize your existing BI investments and processes
  • Reduce your BI/EDW support and maintenance costs

RelayiQ Software Platform

RelayiQ Software Platform

Astreya’s subsidiary, RelayiQ Software, provides an accelerated AI app-building platform to empower data analysts and their stakeholders with IT-centric hyperautomation solutions.

As part of our Hyperautomation solution set, the RelayiQ platform goes beyond the legacy business process automation and the confines of AI as you likely know it. RelayiQ bridges that gap between a world of AI tools and the data that enables them. The RelayiQ platform dynamically discovers business processes anomalies, analyzing them, and creating new processes and automated workflows to mitigate their inefficiency improve business outcomes.

RelayiQ is the breakthru AI app-creating platform, ideal for operationalizing IT automation agendas and outcomes:

  • Orchestration of analysis, PM, AI, ML, and RPA in a single scalable platform
  • Intuitive no-code interface for designing hyperautomation apps
  • Connectors for many popular data sources
  • Guided use of ML algorithms that are appropriate for specific business use cases
  • A notification engine to automate the delivery of prescribed solutions
  • Self-service app marketplace to socialize RelayiQ applications in your enterprise

Logistics Software

Logistics Software

Manage your next technology rollout so your large purchases move into use quickly to keep your users producing to their potential.

Astreya’s IT Logistics software accelerates and operationalizes your ability to seamlessly plan, implement, and control the efficient flow of software, hardware, and related IT services from the point of origin to the point of consumption by your end-users. At Astreya, our focus is to establish an optimized IT service supply chain model that lowers costs and enhances your end-users satisfaction and productivity.

Here are just a few of the benefits our IT Logistics software and services can provide:

  • Support all phases of the project lifecycle (Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, Closing)
  • Effectively manage and analyze a portfolio of projects through program management
  • Review, assess, and analyze program requirements, goals, and objectives
  • Assess and implement strategies, courses of action and proposals
  • Recommend integration of technical directives and next-generation system capabilities
  • Review, assess and analyze contract deliverables and status reports

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