Transforming the Workspace

As the world slowly opens up, many parts of society, the economy, and the workplace will not be what we remember. As we evaluate the changing situation with COVID-19, we continue to adapt our services to meet the changing needs of our clients, whether Returning to Work (RTO), Working from Home (WFH), or somewhere in between.

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Safety and Compliance.

Objective. Effective.

As businesses look to next steps there are obvious changes to be considered and there are others that are less noticeable. In the post-coronavirus workforce, there are many industry, regional, and logistical aspects to keep in mind.

Our experience:
  • Social Distancing Standards
  • PPE Standards for your workforce
  • Country-by-Country guidelines
  • Sanitization best practices

Office and Conference Room Management

Accurate. Fast.

For most of our clients, reconfiguring potentially hundreds of office spaces and conference rooms around the globe is a daunting task involving expertise they do not have in house.

Our experience:
  • Assess services for on-site tech bar, remote help desk, AV services, and field tech
  • Conference and Office Space reconfigurations
  • Supporting remote users
  • Best practices for setting up remote workers

Assessment Services.

Accurate. Fast.

Astreya provides a wide-range of assessment services to help our clients determine the best way to attack complex business challenges. Our team of seasoned experts will partner with you to assess your current state, goals, and best path forward.

Our solution includes:
  • Workplace services: assessment services for on-site tech bar, remote help desk, AV services, and field tech
  • Network and data center: Assessment services for applications, migration, virtualization, deployment, NOC, and edge computing and IoT
  • Cloud: assessment services for cloud readiness, maturity, roadmap, strategy, migration, infrastructure, and security
  • IT logistics: Assessment services for procurement, inventory management, deployment, and reverse logistics

Supporting a Hybrid Work Environment.

Proactive. Always on.

One of the challenges organizations are facing in this recovery phase is the tension between getting back to work and rethinking work as they embrace a new reality.

Our experience:
  • Assessing the role of central service desk
  • Smart hands services
  • Flexible IT Asset Management
  • White glove support of office users
  • Improved management of business risk and service disruption
  • Mobile Help Desk
  • Smart Lockers

IT Service Management.

Integrated. Transparent.

Astreya’s ITSM and ITIL experts take the time to learn your current environment, understand your business goals, and design a customer-centric IT service management solution that aligns to your business needs. Our experts will help you improve the quality, consistency, and effectiveness of your IT services through process and technology innovation and implementation.

Our solution includes:
  • Complete ITSM lifecycle management
  • SLAs, automation, and customized workflows
  • Reduced costs through improved utilization of IT resources
  • Greater visibility of IT costs and assets
  • Improved management of business risk and service disruption
  • Customized, Astreya-hosted ServiceNow domain
  • Enhanced reporting for effective IT decisions and predictability
  • ITSM platform recommendations, integration, and support

Planning for What's Next.

Informed. Agile.

The way we communicate and work has drastically changed and created a powerful remote employee experience. With the removal of face-to-face interaction and small proportions of employees returning to the office, employers are finding it more difficult than ever to measure, maintain, and implement a cohesive, positive experience and culture across their workforce.

Our experience:
  • IT asset management to ensure situational flexibility
  • Business continuity plan
  • Engaging and caring for your workforce

Whether your employees are working from home or returning to the office, let our experts prepare your team for the new corporate work experience.

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Vendor Selection.

Informed. Optimized.

Astreya’s vendor selection solution will guide you with in-depth knowledge on both your business requirements and a deep understanding of vendor strengths. We expertly manage the process to procure the right solution, at the right time, from the right vendor in order to drive efficiencies and avoid costly mistakes. We do no follow a one size fits all vendor selection process and work to meet your unique needs.

Our solution includes:
  • Requirements definition/development
  • RFP creation
  • Proposed vendor list and vendor identification
  • Proposal evaluation and selection
  • Contract negotiation
  • Kitting
  • Excellent customer experience