Achieve data-driven, proactive and actionable insights

Astreya’s BI services help you achieve deep visibility into your business processes and improve decision-making with consolidated analytics.

Today, modern business intelligence systems need to do more than enable informed decisions and educated guesses to develop future strategies. They need to support real-time critical choices made by the people running your organization and driving your innovation every day.Astreya’s BI services help you achieve deep visibility into your business processes and improve decision-making with consolidated analytics.

Rapid advancements in BI platforms are making it easier and more cost-effective than ever before for nonspecialists to perform effective analysis and better inform their decision making.

– Networkworld

Quickly gain the BI capabilities to create your own robust analytical and reporting system.

When we evolve and improve your BI solution, we’ll advise on dashboard layout and recommend insightful reports and KPIs that will provide an actionable view of your business. We strive to blend business intelligence with business analytics so that your BI solution not only creates insights but represents a foundation for proactive and prescriptive solutions.


With the ever-increasing demand for interpretation of raw data, many companies find themselves swamped by the burden of extracting meaningful information to make informed business decisions for a competitive edge. Astreya’s BI professionals partner with you to design and develop systems based on the unique needs of your organization that will leverage the potential of your data and turn it into powerful tool. Our experts focus on optimizing the process of BI by developing a hyperautomation solution that identifies, monitors, and optimizes processes across your organization. We analyze the performance of your existing systems to identify deficiencies using a holistic approach that addresses multiple, often interconnected problems. This drives conceptualization, allowing you to optimize the information extracted from your data.

Our approach includes:

  • Analyzing existing reporting and data infrastructure to determine the best solution
  • A systemic view and understanding of each unique situation
  • Thorough stakeholder analysis to ensure data solutions align with needs
  • Data security and restriction considerations decision making and better performance


Data is a powerful business asset that can be fully leveraged for a competitive advantage through the creation of BI dashboards. Our BI experts oversee the full dashboard lifecycle to create high impact, relevant dashboards for your business. These dashboards display and assess elements of performance against KPIs so that you can generate actionable insights. We take dashboards a step into the future by combining hyperautomation with BI. Using process mining and machine-driven thresholds, our approach is to automate the detection of changes in core metrics and business processes, using prescriptive alerts to notify users. This enables our clients to identify and monitor business trends, quickly adapting to their changing environment.

Our solution includes:

  • Fully analyzing business requirements to transform them into functional and non-functional specifications
  • Optimizing information extracted from data
  • Integrating hyperautomation with BI
  • Customized dashboards based on business needs


Analytics is a critical part of the BI process that Astreya is uniquely skilled to oversee, helping companies transform the way they do business. Through data modelling we integrate raw data from different systems, then cleanse and streamline the data into one cohesive data warehouse source. Our automated systems analyze large quantities of data to find trends and determine the likelihood of future outcomes. This data serves as a platform for organizational reporting and is therefore critical to BI. For companies that want to transform the way they do business, data analytics is a powerful business asset that can be fully leveraged for a competitive advantage.

Our solution includes:

  • System selection (data warehouse, data marts) and implementation
  • Integrating disparate systems and streamlining data into one cohesive source
  • Leveraging data and turning it into actionable insights
  • Trend prediction using a historical view of business data
  • Data quality management and data governance including KPI harmonization

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Since “easy & fast” is the key to productivity, our onsite Tech Bar is critical to resolving employee IT issues. We provide a place where users can show up, seek help, and interact with IT service desk workers while minimizing disruption to their productivity. Our onsite experts deliver specialized support for devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, peripheral equipment, and accessories, while in-person contact with an Astreya expert aids in seamless business continuity.

Our solution includes:

  • Check-in kiosks and advance appointment scheduling
  • Quick and convenient assessments
  • User education, information, and training
  • Grab’n go loaners
  • Automated tracking for repairs, loans, and transactions
  • Self-serve peripherals available from onsite vending machines (replacement keyboards, mice, speakers, laptop batteries, headsets, ethernet cables, etc.)

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When an employee leaves your company, it is not as simple as filling up a cardboard box of desk tchotchkes. You need a systematic way for organizations to manage the departure of an employee that ensures consistency and reduces risk to the organization. Our offboarding process ensures approvals are completed in advance and that the required activities are prepared for a fast and efficient decommissioning of a departing employee. Recovery of company-issued technology devices such as phones, laptops, tablets, and accessories, as well as removing employee access to email and other systems. We help mitigate potential legal and security threats by reclaiming company assets and revoking employee access to company accounts, preventing leaks of sensitive, business-critical data, either accidentally or deliberately.

Our solution includes:

  • A clearly defined offboarding process
  • Ensuring there are no loose ends when an employee exits
  • Removing opportunities for any data or security breaches
  • Reclaiming company equipment such as laptop, mobile devices, and tablets
  • Deactivating access rights and passwords

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IT Strategy Brief: Enterprise-grade, all-in-one, work anywhere managed IT services