Unpacking your asset lifecycle

When it comes to gaining control of your IT inventory, Astreya’s combination of human expertise and technological innovation can advance your company in ways that promote efficiency, enable seamless collaboration, and boost your bottom line. Astreya will provide you with the transparency and efficiency you need for a stress-free way to secure your company’s investments.

The right inventory lifecycle management system saves substantial time, human resources, and money.

For decades, Astreya has used its expertise to help companies resolves legacies of poor asset management practices. We can transform dysfunctional policies into manageable processes that are workable and sustainable. Astreya’s methodology provides corporate clients with real-time, transparent visibility into IT inventory and its lifecycle management.


The right procurement strategies and processes have significant impacts on business performance. Our procurement experts work with you to establish your unique IT equipment needs, as well as your wider technology strategy. We make recommendations that will meet the needs of your users, business, data, and processes, so that you make the right purchasing decisions for your business.

Inventory Management

We deploy best-in-class systems, tools, and processes to keep your business efficient and optimized by monitoring, maintaining, and managing all tangible assets and accessories. Our inventory management solution provides strategic management and governance of your active as well as inactive IT assets to ensure compliance and effective tracking. With the right inventory management solution in place, your assets will be covered throughout the lifecycle.

Deployment Services

Combining human expertise and automation technologies, our team skillfully deploys IT assets on a global scale, increasing efficiencies and controlling costs. Our extensive experience helps ensure enterprise deployment of technology is not a strain on your company’s resources. The process includes governance steps to establish a chain of custody, as well as asset imaging, equipment tracking, and a focus on a positive customer experience.

Reverse Logistics

Astreya’s reverse logistics solution manages all assets securely through the end of their lifecycle. Our team fully explores the opportunity for warranty resolution, equipment monetization, equipment reuse, as well as R2 certified recycling. We work with you to ensure your reverse logistics inventory and governance procedures are managed effectively and are compliant. This ensures maximum benefit from data protection, return on investment, as well as secure destruction and responsible disposal of assets.

Only 23% of organizations have identified measurable KPIs for asset management. Similarly, 33.6% of firms self-assessed their hardware asset management maturity as reactive.

– Networkworld