Accelerate Data-Driven Action

Businesses must innovate, move fast, and be agile in order to survive. Organizational transformation depends on making data-driven, proactive, and actionable insights a reality. Astreya’s unique blend of cutting-edge technologies and services supports your automation transformation journey regardless of where you’re at.

Create high-impact transformation within and throughout your business

In an increasingly complex digital landscape, our solutions and services cut through the noise and propel your business forward with end-to-end automation. We seamlessly integrate critical components of robotic process automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, process mining, and BI analytics to amplify and accelerate your ability to automate diverse IT workflows.

Turn Data Into Action

Oftentimes it can seem the dream falls short with AI technologies – the cost is too high, the complexity enormous, and the timeframes untenable. Our unique, consumer-friendly platform massively simplifies the experience of building, deploying, and distributing AI-powered, hyperautomation applications to your workforce. Development costs go way down; adoption goes way up. Astreya goes far beyond the passive presentation of data on end-user dashboards to timely end-user notifications – alerting to data or process anomalies and prescribing the actions to resolve the issue.

End-to-End Automation

Increasing IT complexity and constant pressure to drive down cost has enterprise service management stuck in toil. We put the power of future automation development in the hands of the customer by integrating with your ecosystem to automate everything from intake to resolution. Our unique combination of VSA, No-Code Automation, and ML-Powered Knowledge Management makes cutting-edge automation technology more approachable and usable for your workforce and your customers.

By 2024, organizations will lower operational costs by 30% by combining automation technologies with redesigned operational processes.

– Gartner