We use David strategies to outperform the Goliaths of the Cloud Services industry. With an individualized, tailored approach that big box consultancies lack, we help companies identify, execute and own the smartest path to Cloud so they can grow bigger, faster.


We clear your path to cloud excellence.

We pride ourselves on smaller, high-quality engagements, involving the right people and designed to meet the specific needs of your cloud evolution. Over the years, having worked with some of the most recognized names in the industry on large-scale architecture designs and implementations, there isn’t a challenge we haven’t faced or conquered to make growth happen.

We customize our engagements to your way of doing work.

Iteration on your cloud solution, leading you to the right architecture, the first time

Supplementation of existing teams with senior engineers utilizing service-oriented design, automation, and implementation

Optimization of existing cloud implementations for security, reliability, and visibility of your systems and data

Delivering Value with Astreya’s Cloud Management

Engineering Velocity

Advancing cloud security should never impede your engineering velocity. We work toward creating a disciplined framework designed to liberate you from the roadblocks and sluggish processes that inhibit momentum.

Hire and Develop The Best

We are constantly raising the bar and improving our internal team of talented engineers with focuses in cloud, security, and automation. Our dedicated project members are the folks you’ll work with from day one to completion and beyond.

Compliance Alone Is Not Enough.

We treat compliance, not as boxes to be checked, but as part of a bigger picture. We believe in building the right security frameworks alongside compliance, building on top to harden the things that already work for your business without neglecting velocity.

A Roadmap, Not A Mystery

We customize our engagements to your technology, processes, people, and culture. We focus on continuous feedback loops with your team to ensure our engagement delivers its full value. 

We are there every step of the way and don’t sacrifice long-term value for short-term results.

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