Enterprise-grade, all-in-one, work-anywhere IT services

Welcome to the future of work: a work-from-anywhere reality that fundamentally challenges your infrastructure and your ability to keep your data safe, your network humming, and end-users productive no matter where in the world they call home – or work.

Your reality is the catalyst for our growing Digital Transformation delivery solutions.

We understand the uniqueness of your world and the operational challenges you face. Check out just a few of the reality-based, Managed Digital Transformation Services solutions we provide.

Service Desk

Strategic outsourcing of user-facing support is the first step in removing interrupt-driven work from your in-house teams.  Doing so allows your teams to have more time to focus on implementing technology and business solutions that drive strategic goals. Astreya provides innovative and efficient managed services for organizations looking to find a balance between high-quality support and cost efficiency while providing a superior customer experience to their workforce in the new work-from-anywhere environment.

Audio Visual

AV is officially in prime time, a non-negotiable response to the now established work-from-home reality. Availability and performance are a must, and real-world challenges demand real-time response. Astreya will design your optimum video conference IT support blend to achieve a new reality of always-available, high-performance video communications.

IT Logistics

With the right asset management framework in place, productivity is always in stock. Our services provide you with real-time, transparent visibility into IT inventory and its lifecycle management. IT Logistics from Astreya creates the right foundational practices for any company with green initiatives to reduce carbon footprint and generate cost reductions.

Cloud Management

In today’s market, you need a dynamic, customizable, and leading-edge, cloud-based management solution by a trusted partner. Astreya delivers focused outcomes that accelerate innovation adoption with the latest cloud solution. Our cloud services bring additional business value with flexibility, speed, and stability.


Managing and operating a hybrid network or data center involves many integrated activities, including maintaining equipment and systems, training, and capacity management for power and cooling. These diverse activities have one thing in common: They need experienced, right-skilled personnel. And that’s precisely where Astreya comes in.

Intelligent Automation

New technologies can represent a daunting level of complexity, yet their intended outcome is simple: empower end-users to know more, achieve more, and live the benefits of an automated complement to their workflow and business objectives. We deliver custom automation solutions driven by your employees’ actual use cases to solve real business problems.