Astreya innovation enables service delivery excellence


Innovation isn’t just about tools and technology. Astreya recognizes that true innovation requires the right people to understand the client’s desired outcomes and help them create meaningful change. When the right technology is paired with the right processes — that serve the needs of the business — innovation is meaningful and impactful.


Astreya technology is constantly evaluating tools to support our solution teams with best in class tools and technology to automate and accelerate service outcomes.


Leverage Astreya SMEs to redesign process flows and services, implement best practices, or recommend tool modifications or changes.


Innovation is only as good as the people driving it. We constantly look for ways to help our people innovate — through training, engagement, and people care.

Client Engagement Approach

Quality Driven
  • Each implementation presents opportunities for improvement.
  • We embrace agile principles within a structured framework.
  • Feedback is bi-directional, reviewed and incorporated when necessary.
  • Business expectations feed into planning and execution, but can never compromise quality.
Highly Collaborative
  • Framework used for communications (Updates, Escalations, Status) is defined and agreed too.
  • Potential friction points, single points of failure, all critical path items are clearly identified.
  • Team interaction model is well defined, communicated and verified.
  • Communication is tailored to the appropriate level of the consumer.

  • Communications are concise and specific.
  • Escalations are proactive and based on established criteria.
  • Data drives all conversations and interactions.
Proactive By Default
  • State of each program is maintained and communicated based upon agreed upon cadence.
  • You will have all information readily available. You will always be in the know.

Project and Service Delivery Approach

Astreya’s innovative IT Managed Services keep IT environments running smoothly and provide organizations with technical expertise, service consistency, and flexibility across multiple technologies and geographies to enable companies to accelerate growth and refocus on strategic initiatives.

Initial discovery

  • Identify all existing processes and key info for success
  • Set baseline for SLAs and KPIs


  • Identify necessary steps to implement and ensure timeline is met
  • Implement fully testable solution prior to go-live
  • Set up reporting methodology and templates for transparency
  • Go-live with minimal to no user awareness of any change

Ongoing service management, planning, communication, and reporting

  • Recurring cadence of reporting
  • Identification of any issues and suggestions for resolution
  • Leadership check-ins and feedback

Client engagement

  • Provide quality driven processes and results
  • Provide highly collaborative interaction and communication
  • Proactive program maintenance and communication
  • Communicate specifically and precisely to ensure success

IT Managed Services Maturity

With nearly 20 years of experience we’ve created our own innovative and sophisticated managed services approach for continued service improvement to bring our customers success.


The program vision is aligned to client needs and expectations.


The proper program governance (operations and roles) is in place.


Services are designed and delivered to meet client requirements.


Roles, responsibilities, training, and development are clearly defined.


Data is collected, analyzed, & presented to drive insight & performance.


The financials are accurate and support managed service delivery.


Consistent review to ensure quality & refine service delivery over time.

Managed Service Onboarding & Transition

Every company has unique requirements and goals that evolve and change over time. Whether onboarding a new service or transitioning an existing program, Astreya partners with each client to align outcomes, build the right service strategy, and deliver consistent results.