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Company IT infrastructure is moving from the closet to sophisticated data centers. This is not an overnight shift, but an evolutionary change in thinking how we deliver services to our customers and to the business.

Data center use has shifted from simple servers to enabling hybrid digital infrastructures. You require new applications to interact with customers, manage supply chains, process transactions, and analyze market trends. Astreya’s offers specialized support for evolving data center technology to improve its availability, reduce costs, optimize performance and oversee long-term health.

This year, 61 percent of respondents said they’ve had significant difficulty retaining or recruiting staff, up from 55 percent last year.

– Networkworld

The data center world is experiencing a shortage of skilled personnel.

Astreya represents a strategy to address the growing demand for right-skilled Data Center Engineers with the ability to scale these resources when and where you need them. Astreya represents a pipeline of skilled and experienced engineers up to the challenge of managing mission-critical data centers. Our global delivery capabilities mean that we can address your challenges just about anywhere on the globe. As part of that process, we bring to the table proven best practices, methodologies, and toolsets to keep your data center running to its productive potential.

DC Operations

With Astreya’s hands-on approach to managing data center operations, our team of experts will plan your solution based on your specific requirements. Our goal is to ensure maximum connectivity and scalability while improving performance and reducing risks to your organization. We install and maintain network resources to store, access, and transfer digital information while ensuring your data center security and monitoring systems are optimized and operational 24/7/365.

Our solution includes:

  • Highly skilled Data Center Engineers with extensive experience  in today’s technologies
  • Insights into leading innovations that can improve the performance of your data center while mitigating risks
  • Proven best-practices, methodologies and tool sets to keep your data center running to its productive potential
  • A pipeline of skilled resources with the ability to scale these resources when and where you need them


A critical part of data center hardware implementation occurs when the equipment is physically mounted in the rack (racked) before being deployed in the data center (stacked). Astreya’s expert technicians take care of the entire process for you, starting with designing the rack, placing the hardware into cabinets and racks, mounting the gear, testing, and programming the equipment. This process either takes place on-site at your data center, or at our facility prior to shipping. Our team then installs the fully integrated racks in your data center, enhancing operational efficiency and minimizing risk to your organization.

Our solution includes:

  • End to end integration
  • Rack design, gear mounting, and patching
  • High-availability configuration verification
  • Complete documentation of layout and cable runs
  • Ongoing support

System Admin

Maintaining the integrity of your data as well as the efficiency and performance of your system are essential parts of system administration. Astreya’s holistic solution to system admin employs a three-pronged approach that starts with monitoring and visualizing the details and activities across all systems and locations. We then analyze the most efficient use of the data center, saving energy and space or optimizing the use of existing equipment. Lastly, we automate the action layer to ensure synchronized management across servers, storage, software, and networking equipment, and related processes. Our system admin solutions bring to the table proven best-practices, methodologies, and tool-sets to keep your data center running to its maximum potential.

Our solution includes:

  • Maintaining consistent reliability, security, and integrity of data and the availability of service
  • Analysis of power, space and capacity information
  • Efficient management of conflicting operational and maintenance demands required of the data centre plant to continuously deliver the business needs


Data center monitoring ensures that key functions and services of your data center are delivered without any interruptions or abnormalities. Astreya uses automated tools and processes to monitor the entire data center infrastructure, providing statistical insight into your data center performance and status. By constantly monitoring critical facilities, threshold violations are identified before or as they occur, maximizing uptime for users and services. Our solution includes failover processes and procedures for backup and disaster recovery in case of failure.

Our solution includes:

  • Monitoring data center servers and computers for performance  and security
  • Monitoring network operations and resolving issues as they arise
  • Monitoring data center site temperature and ventilation as well  as power availability and consumption


As your organization undertakes a major network transformation, legacy equipment, information and data needs to be securely retired to reduce data security and compliance risks. Astreya takes care of the entire process for data center decommission including onsite or offsite data wiping and destruction, global logistics services, as well as providing flexible asset value recovery options. Our data center decommissioning process is extremely detailed and structured to address every possible risk before the project begins, providing complete transparency into the process from start to finish.

Our solution includes:

  • De-racking, packing, and pickup of your data center equipment
  • Destruction of data in accordance with industry standards
  • Full audit trail for data and equipment handling and destruction
  • Equipment appraisal and resale
  • Ethical final disposal of hazardous e-waste material

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