Planning & Design

Create an architecture that supports changing workloads and organizational needs.

In today’s environment companies face the challenge of planning data centers that are built to keep up with the needs of the business. The data centers need to be scalable, designed to beavailable on-prem or in the cloud, and always performing.

What should you do?

Create an infrastructure that’s ready to support changing workloads and organizational needs.


Flexibility to

To keep up with
what’s needed


Astreya plans and designs network and data center infrastructure based on your specific requirements.

Our experts work to ensure maximum performance, reliability, security, simplicity, and scalability.

Our solution includes:

Expert planning and
design for your application
deployment to your business

End-to-end scalable
architecture with optimal
redundancy based on precise
specifications taht factor
your requirements around
all business service and

Reducing costs for
deployment and operation
with system and network
virtualization, cloud, and

Improving and enhancing
IT operation, productivity,
security, recovery, and faster
application delivery

Detailed assessments of
user impacts to minimize
downtime during migration of