Deployment & Integration

Configure and Deploy Your Network and Data Center Seamlessly.

Today companies face specific technical requirements and challenges that they need to consider when building their network and data center to ensure it’s high performing, scalable, and secure.

What should you do?

Configure your data center to improve the performance of your data center while mitigating risks and to ensure it is scalable to be able to meet the future needs of your data center as it grows.

0f 1000 respondents had built new data center space or added space within the last five years.
Configure an effective data center to solve these defined pain points:

No proactive
notification to
customers related to
a scheduled outage

Need for realtime
incident management

Uptime measured
against OLA and SLAs

Astreya delivers cloud governance and security services.

In concert with your IT department and risk management team Astreya implements processes, policies, and industry standard best practices.

Our solution includes:

Complete logistical
management from
ordering circuits
and equipment
to validating
compliance with
local municipalities

Rack, stack, wire,
and power up by
our trained experts
to mount your
gear based on
the architecture
design and check
for functionality as


Verification and
assurance of
through automated
test scripts and/or
on site smart hand