Jay Preston 
SVP Global Services Delivery on Astreya’s Network Services

So despite cloud being available in the market for many, many years, companies big and small continue to struggle with how much of the cloud should I consume and adopt? Should I have all of my applications on-premises, not use the cloud? Should I go all-in on the cloud? And a lot of that is dictated by the industry our customers are in. For example, financial services customers tend to be very conservative. They only want to host their stuff on-prem. We have other companies we work with that we’re like, hey, I want to go all-in on the cloud. I don’t want to deal with having to manage any infrastructure myself. And I think it’s really about finding the right balance that ultimately translates into how our customers serve their customers. Staffing becomes a real challenge, just given the sheer pace of technology these days. All of these big cloud providers, whether it’s U.S. or GCP or as your they continue to add more and more frameworks and options and features within the cloud. And if you take a staffing approach, meaning, hey, I’m going to go and find a smart person or a set of smart people to tackle my cloud challenge, inevitably you’re not going to get what you need because a person or even a set of people have a finite knowledge of what’s out there. And you’ve kind of got to take a different approach where it’s more outcome-driven. 

Take the time and really bring in the right people at the right time and develop a solid architectural blueprint for your hybrid network or cloud strategy and then execute off the blueprint that tends to lead to a better result. 

I think what makes Astreya unique is that we really do have an end to end service offering. We can consult with customers about, again, what’s the right approach, how much should be in on-premise deployment versus how much should be sitting in a cloud. 

We develop a blueprint, and we think through, OK, well, how do we deal with the inevitable obsolescence? And a lot of that comes in where we’re modularize in approach and saying, you know, it’s not an all or nothing thing. You may want to use this over here, use this over here, but we’ll develop that into a blueprint. And then only once that’s done, then we can move into the implementation phase, and we have services around. How do you implement meaning? 

How do you deploy equipment in a pop, for example, or a data center? How do you play equipment on site? And all the steps that go in between? And then once your equipment and once that blueprint has been kind of successfully implemented if you will, we have services that are focused on operating your network in the cloud. 

I think what makes Australia unique is that we’re kind of between, you know, your traditional off the shelf predefined solutions type of company and an I.T. services company that’s completely bespoke. We’re somewhere in the middle. We show up with the right expertise and subject matter experts who can say, hey, I’m good at this piece, I’m really good at this piece. So I think you sort of get an outcome where we bring the right subject matter, expertise to bear at the right time. And we’re not force-feeding our customers into some sort of prepackaged solution. 

And I think with Astreya, what you get is an approach where we really listen and understand what our customers’ specific challenges are because those challenges run the whole spectrum. They can be market-related, they could be technology related, it could be anything in between. 

And, you know, we have the ability to, again, bring in the right expert at the right time and consult with our customers on that entire journey to get them. OK, how do we formulate the right plan, how do we execute the plan, and then how do we take care of whatever it is that we put in place after the fact? We’re always excited to meet with new clients and understand the challenges that they’re having and how we ultimately help them. 

I look forward to leveraging everything Australia has to offer, and it’s a lot.