Astreya Leadership on Humanology movement 

We had a lot of additions to technology that have been about how do you get more productive and how do you take almost initially was take the human out of it.

And now you’ve got a very dispersed workforce. And I think that’s going to continue to be the case for the foreseeable future, even after Covid is over. 

Lots of complexities, lots of diversity in solutions, lots of need for fixing challenging problems, so that’s not going away. I think we’re only going to see more of that in the future. 

And that presents some unique challenges. And I think that where Astreya comes in is that we’ve taken a step back and really thought through. 

So we really need to strike that balance between what is really going to improve outcomes for the employee, the customer and the business. 

And I think a lot of organizations are going to say, how do we leverage the power of technology, but how do we bring in the human connection? 

So the term Humanology is is really an appropriate term because at Astreya we view the future as people will continue to be core to our business and core to really driving solutions for our customers.

Humanology to me is how do we help the people in our company and the people we support and our customers be the most effective, efficient, strategic as they can be.

It brings humans front and center to the interface with technology and really is there to help humans do better work and live better lives.

I mean, I think Humanology is that perfect intersection between working with great technology and great talent, having those together combine to amazing outcomes.

Listen, our customers push us every single day to innovate and do things faster, better, cheaper. And it’s really all of the above. And I think the only way to get there is through a combination of the right people and innovative technology that is going to support your people doing things differently to drive value for our customer. 

Leveraging new technology in clever ways, automating out repetitive work and empowering our people to develop more skills and contribute in a different way than maybe they’ve contributed in the past. 

OK, I really think the concept of Humanology in the way we look at it, it’s saying not only probably enabling, but also enhancing not only efficiency and productivity, but human connection. And bringing those two together is really the power of where technology is going today. 

Even though we partner with technology, partner with A.I. and automation platforms, we understand that they’re really there just to support the people, the humans that are doing the work. 

I’m really excited to be part of Astreya because they’re very dedicated to Humanology. They’re willing to invest in acquisitions and human resources and technologies to making Humanology work for their customers. 

And so we really believe that that is the wave of the future. That is how we as a society, but not only as companies, that’s how great companies are going to grow. And you’re going to build great cultures around that concept.