Anthony Chamberas
VP, Analytics, RelayiQ on Hyperautomation and B.I.

Hi, I’m Anthony Chamberas. I’m V.P. of Analytics at Relay I.Q., a sister company of Astreya. 

I spent my career in analytics, which includes B.I. and A.I., and across a number of industries, whether it’s health care or insurance, financial services software.

So now, with Astreya, I am able to take that experience I’ve had across all of those industries and apply it to the I.T. space, and it’s really interesting and fascinating the number of opportunities there are within I.T. to leverage B.I. and A.I. in automation. 

It’s almost like the cobbler’s children have no shoes. I.T. can control all of these assets and all of these capabilities, but they don’t necessarily use them for themselves. So I’m excited to be part of something that’s going to be able to bring I.T. tools that they can use to do their job better. 

Like it or not, I.T. is still a very manual, resource-intensive environment, despite the fact that it’s all about technology. So I think there are a ton of opportunities to bring technologies that are specific to I.T. To help I.T. Run more efficiently. And whether that’s related to buy in A.I. or automation, the tools are out there. We just need to make sure we apply them correctly. 

Astreya’s service delivery model is very unique in that we eat our own dog food or drink our own Kool-Aid or drink our own champagne; however you want to put it, the tools that we deploy at our customer sites and the solutions we deploy at our customer sites, we’re using ourselves. So not only do we believe in what we’re doing, but we’re practicing it and learning from it every day. 

So A.I. and automation and technology are all wonderful, but there’s definitely a fear out there that it’s going to displace resources, it’s going to displace humans. But we’re very committed to not letting that happen to instead to let technology, automation, and A.I. really enhance humans and enhance their work and enhance the resources of our customers. 

And what this and what this allows humans to do is innovate themselves, so if they’re not spending time doing these rote, mundane tasks day after day after day, automation and A.I. and technology are doing that for them. They’re able to actually think like humans now and enhance their careers, enhance their work and provide more value to themselves, to their life, and to the organization. 

If you’re a fast-growing organization, you’re going a million miles an hour, and you’re focused on the next thing that comes down the line to you. It’s really hard to set all of that aside and focus then on automation and humanology and making sure your business is running more efficiently. That’s where Astreya comes in. 

They have turnkey solutions. We’ve done this before, and we’re able to bring your organization forward and not distract you from the day-to-day necessities that you have. 

If you’re a fast-growing organization and you really want to be on the bleeding edge of technology, Astreya is a great fit.