Reverse Logistics

Manage Your Assets Through the End of their Lifecycle Effectively.

In today’s environment companies face challenges when they need to dispose assets securely because of ineffective data and personal information wiping and bad logistics management. What’s worse, when companies have bad asset management repair costs can be costly because assets are out of warranty and there is an inability to fully realize value for retired assets.

What should you do?

Set policies and use an approach that ensures your company is managing the reverse logistics inventory and governance procedures effectively to have the tracking, asset value, data protection and security, and compliance management you need to be in compliance and for your company’s success.

Key reverse logistics best practices :


Maximum return
on investment

Secure destruction
and responsible
disposal of assets

Astreya’s reverse logistics solution provides secure and compliance management of all returned assets.

We fully explore the opportunity for warranty resolution, equipment monetization, equipment reuse, and R2 certified recycling.

Our solution includes:

Data security and removal,
ensuring that all IP, PI, and CI
information is safely removed

Inventory cost reductions
through asset recovery

Risk reports and remediation

Revenue generation through
asset and accessory resale

RMA warranty management
to reduce repair costs and
value loss

Data analytics to identify
inventory and equipment
failure trends

Compliance to all responsible
recycling regulatory
requirments including
environment, health, and safety