Deployment Services

Deliver Complete Inventory Orders On-Time.

Today companies face the challenge of delivering complete IT orders on time because of issues with making sure inventory is delivered to the right place, at the right time, and with the right configuration. What’s worse, this directly impacts end user satisfaction when partial orders are delivered.

What should you do?

Develop a Bill of Materials to ensure that you are delivering complete orders and providing a positive user experience. Create efficient workflows and governance practices to deploy IT inventory predictably and in a timely manner.

services results in:

Partial orders because
of incomplete BOM’s

Bad customer Service

Astreya’s expert team will leverage best in class process workflows to efficiently deploy IT assets on a global scale and ensure enterprise deployment of a new technology is not a strain on your company’s resources and employ automation technologies to increase efficiency and control cost.

Our solution offers important services:

Establishing chain of custody

Providing security on

Timely deployment

Inventory management

Asset imaging


Excellent Customer