IT Logistics

In today’s environment it’s important to have visibility throughout the life of a company’s assets and get maximized value from your inventory. 

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Efficient. Optimized.

Astreya’s procurement experts help you build and deploy the right procurement strategies and processes to meet your unique business goals and objectives, drive efficiencies, and minimize risk.

Our solution includes:
  • Improved accountability and governance.
  • A consistent approach across categories.
  • Increased quality of service.
  • Managing supplier contracts to ensure compliance to all SLA’s and metrics.
  • Improved cost control with demand strategy and planning.
  • Stronger relationships built with your strategic suppliers in order to reduce supply chain risks.

Inventory Management.

Timely. Accurate.


Astreya’s inventory management solution provides management and governance to ensure compliance and effective tracking. We deploy best in class systems, tools, and processes to monitor, maintain, and efficiently manage all tangible assets and accessories.

Our solution includes:
  • Real-time visibility into full asset life cycle
  • Use of innovative Realwear technology
  • Management of all assets throughout the asset life cycle
  • Tools and systems automation to enable scalability, efficiency, and inventory accuracy
  • Predictive analytics to accurately forecast product availability and control cost
  • Reduced capital outlay with VMI/VCI recommendations
  • Strong policies and measures to drive inventory security

Deployment Services.

Automated. Standardized.

Astreya’s expert team will leverage best in class process workflows to efficiently deploy IT assets on a global scale and ensure enterprise deployment of a new technology is not a strain on your company’s resources and employ automation technologies to increase efficiency and control cost.

Our solution includes:
  • Establishing chain of custody
  • Using innovations like smart lockers and vending machines
  • Providing security on deliveries
  • Timely deployment
  • Inventory management
  • Asset imaging
  • Kitting
  • Excellent customer experience

Reverse Logistics.

Compliant. Secure.


Astreya’s reverse logistics solution provides secure and compliance management of all returned assets. We fully explore the opportunity for warranty resolution, equipment monetization, equipment reuse, and R2 certified recycling.

Our solution includes:
  • Data security and removal, ensuring that all IP, PI, and CI information is safely removed
  • Inventory cost reductions through asset recovery
  • Revenue generation through asset and accessory resale
  • RMA warranty management to reduce repair costs and value loss
  • Data analytics to identify inventory and equipment failure trends
  • Compliance to all responsible recycling regulatory requirements including environment, health, and safety