About Astreya

Astreya is a premier IT solutions provider offering strategic and tactical support for the most demanding organizations. Utilizing innovations in information technology, Astreya services include 24/7 end-user support, program management, and data center operations. Astreya recently launched Astreya Professional Services, a consultancy of seasoned data center and cloud architects delivering strategic infrastructure management. Since forming in 2001, Astreya team members span 35 countries with headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley.  

Secret Revealed to Positively Productive Enterprises

Santa Clara, CA; August 4, 2015 – Astreya is pleased to announce their new Managed Performance™ model for IT support. Tackling issues of lackluster performance, this next generation model moves beyond the rigid, cost conscious focus of traditional IT support by delivering continuous access to communications tools and technology, as well as targeted insights on performance.

“It isn’t that traditional IT services models don’t have advantages,” said Perry Santia, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Operations, Sales and Marketing at Astreya. “But enterprises are increasingly measuring the return on IT support investments by how well they optimize productivity and rapidly meet the needs of global employees, something traditional models can’t do.”

To better support enterprise productivity, Astreya’s Managed Performance™ model blends only the best of traditional IT staffing and IT outsourcing, providing a solution that uniquely connects to an organization’s culture, values and ways of working. Outsourced professionals are part of the organizational structure and work shoulder to shoulder with the client team, delivering always on connectivity to tools and devices. This gives them core business insight for more effective troubleshooting, as well as proximity for instant access to devices and peripherals.

In Astreya’s Managed Performance™ model, enterprises maintain control of tools, business processes, and visibility into hiring IT staff, while gaining insights from metrics-driven dashboards that allow for greater cost utilization. Astreya assumes responsibility for performance and outcomes, ensuring that employees have uninterrupted access to the collaboration tools and technology needed to stay connected and on-performance in an increasingly technical world.

Successful companies are always on the lookout for new ways to engage employees and inspire greater productivity, but few have realized the full potential of their IT end user support services. Astreya’s Managed Performance™ model provides the visibility to build powerful teams and the cost-saving metrics that improve IT performance. Through continuous connections, instant access to devices, targeted insights and on the spot troubleshooting, organizations can empower their own enterprise productivity and employee engagement.