About Astreya

Astreya is a premier IT solutions provider offering strategic and tactical support for the most demanding organizations. Utilizing innovations in information technology, Astreya services include 24/7 end-user support, program management, and data center operations. Astreya recently launched Astreya Professional Services, a consultancy of seasoned data center and cloud architects delivering strategic infrastructure management. Since forming in 2001, Astreya team members span 35 countries with headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley.  

The Journey toward Positively Productive Enterprises

Santa Clara, CA; August 6, 2015 – Astreya, a leading provider of IT end-user support services, is launching a new brand identity. Acting in response to industry demands for a more performance-oriented model of IT end-user support, the rebranding includes a redesigned website created as a top-quality resource for organizations searching for greater enterprise productivity.

“Due to the ever increasing role of technology in today’s business environment, end-user support is playing a more vital role in ensuring employee engagement and satisfaction, two primary drivers of enterprise productivity,” said Perry Santia, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Operations, Sales and Marketing at Astreya. “With the introduction of our new Managed Performance™ model of IT end-user support, we needed a website that would highlight our capabilities and help organizations understand the evolving role of IT support.”

Merging creativity with high functionality, the website takes users on a personal journey into improved performance. Critical statistics on employee productivity and satisfaction spell out the urgent need for enhanced engagement, while cogent explanations on Managed Performance™—Astreya’s next-generation model of IT support—lead the way toward greater enterprise productivity.

Moving beyond the limitations of traditional models of IT staffing and outsourcing, Astreya’s Managed Performance™ model boosts enterprise productivity by ensuring continuous access to the necessary devices and communication services that drive today’s workplace. Users of the website experience this transformation first-hand by touring the resources available, including top-quality content related to pressing industry issues.

Education will be a primary role of the site, providing a repository for Astreya’s original content on enterprise productivity, the role of IT end-user support and the industry at large. “Our goal,” said Santia. “Is to be the go-to resource on issues related to enterprise productivity and IT support solutions.”

Astreya has a history of creating innovative solutions to meet changing client needs. The rebranding efforts continue this tradition, delivering a top-quality resource for performance-minded organizations.