About Astreya

Astreya is a premier IT solutions provider offering strategic and tactical support for the most demanding organizations. Utilizing innovations in information technology, Astreya services include 24/7 end-user support, program management, and data center operations. Astreya recently launched Astreya Professional Services, a consultancy of seasoned data center and cloud architects delivering strategic infrastructure management. Since forming in 2001, Astreya team members span 35 countries with headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley.  

Outsourced IT End-User Support Comes Home

Santa Clara, CA; August 10, 2015 – According to a recent thought leadership piece by Astreya, a leading provider of IT support services, outsourced IT end-user support is coming home. This marks the first in a quarterly series of go-to resources designed to help enterprises looking to increase productivity.

Bringing full circle a trend that took IT support offshore, businesses are beginning to reassess the criticality of IT end-user support and reconsider the location of support centers. “Today’s technology-centric business environment puts greater emphasis on IT end-user support,” said Perry Santia, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Operations, Sales and Marketing at Astreya. “Given its critical role in keeping organizations operating productively, it isn’t surprising that companies would want their IT support services nearby, even on the same campus as the rest of the enterprise.”

In the quest for enhanced productivity, organizations are looking to strike a balance between reduced costs and enhanced performance. A rising number of affordable onshore centers is facilitating this trend, but a move toward on-site outsourced centers is a natural evolution as organizations will continue to seek improvements in current sourcing outcomes.

On-site support is key to keeping employees up and running with the tools and devices they need to remain productive. Traditional outsourcing affordably delivers reliable talent but is provided by off-campus resources that have little connection to the organization or its employees. Moving sourcing partnerships on-site provides the advantages of outsourcing and in-house talent by integrating high-quality professionals into the core organization. Outsourced on-site team members adopt the culture and objectives of the business, delivering agile and proactive support to people who are co-workers and share mutual corporate objectives.

“The number one reason employees go the extra mile is to support their colleagues,” said Santia. “That level of connectivity doesn’t exist in traditional outsourcing relationships.”

He goes on to say that having support as close as the next floor greatly facilitates every day activities such as the setup of new devices or helping employees understand the systems and software in place. “Tasks that used to take hours to days can often be resolved in minutes, with no waiting,” said Santia.

To read more about the productivity enhancing benefits of bringing outsourced IT end-user support home, click here to download the thought leadership paper, Who is powering your workforce? Outsourced IT end user support moves on-site. The release of the remaining resource pieces will be announced shortly.