Astreya announces the acquisition of RelayIQ

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Company reveals strategy to expand its technology-enabled, managed IT services

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Jan. 16, 2020, / PR Newswire/ – Astreya, a leading global IT solutions provider for many of the world’s most recognizable and innovative organizations, announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire RelayiQ. The acquisition expands Astreya’s technology-enabled services to include RelayiQ’s powerful portfolio of machine learning-driven solutions for business intelligence automation.

RelayiQ’s technology solves the “last mile” analytics problem by bridging the divide between business intelligence solutions and business processes. Using machine learning, RelayiQ automates the detection of important changes in KPIs, prescribes customized action plans, and notifies those who can take action via email, text, and social channels.   

“RelayiQ’s vision has rapidly grown from data-driven alerting to becoming the premiere machine learning-driven BI automation suite for the enterprise. When this vision was resoundingly validated at TC19 (Tableau Conference 2019), we knew we needed to accelerate our development and our go-to-market strategy,” said RelayiQ CEO Brian Borack. “Joining forces with Astreya enables us to move with the speed of a startup and the financial security of a much larger company. Astreya’s customers include some of the most innovative organizations in the world and we believe this is exactly where BI automation can have the greatest impact.” 

With this deal, Astreya positions itself as an important player in BI automation, empowering its customers for a future where machine learning plays an increasingly important role in digital transformation. “We see the disconnect between the massive investments that have been made in business intelligence and business processes in the field every day. We’re committed to solving this ‘last mile’ problem by investing in the technologies and solutions our customers need to successfully drive analytics adoption. With RelayiQ, our customers can quickly improve both data-driven decision making and data-driven activity to dramatically improve their company performance,” said Jay Preston, Senior Vice President of Global Service Delivery.  

About Astreya

Astreya is a premier IT solutions provider offering strategic and tactical support for the most demanding organizations. Utilizing innovations in information technology, Astreya services include 24/7 end-user support, program management, and data center operations. Astreya recently launched Astreya Professional Services, a consultancy of seasoned data center and cloud architects delivering strategic infrastructure management. Since forming in 2001, Astreya team members span 35 countries with headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley.  

About RelayiQ

Our mission is to solve the last mile analytics problem through business intelligence automation. We believe data-driven decision making should be accessible to everyone. 

Our journey began in 2015 when we realized that analysts were making incredible interactive dashboards, but almost nobody was using them. As a result, massive investments in analytics were not translating into making better decisions and taking effective actions. The excitement of using a dashboard to slice and dice data quickly faded as dashboard fatigue set in. In fact, more often than not, many business stakeholders simply reverted to just asking the analyst to send them information directly.  

With RelayiQ, you can quickly detect insights from existing data sources, prescribe plans of action, and deliver those plans to people who can act on them in the communication channels they use most. No more monitoring and deciphering dozens of dashboards. Put your data to work and let the actionable intelligence come to you!

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